DZS FTTx | Fiber Solutions

DZS is a global leader in access and optical edge infrastructure and cloud software solutions headquartered in Plano, Texas.
Our customers large and small overwhelmingly have one thing in common: they want to provide the ultimate broadband experience to their subscribers and are leveraging DZS platforms and solutions to transform their networks to become the most agile and innovative service providers in their markets.

We believe that we at DZS are a proven and valued partner to our customers and provide them with a competitive edge. We achieve this with our comprehensive portfolio of network edge systems, spanning from the Access Edge in the last mile to the Subscriber Edge in the home and business, served and fed by our Optical Edge transport platforms, and orchestrated, automated, service assured and managed by our vendor agnostic Cloud Edge software. We have built our solutions and our business to be aligned with our customers, and we believe that together we are pursuing the key objectives that position them to win in the market with solutions that are open, agile, cloud native, and ready for the future. 

DZS Product Portfolio