DOCSIS and Remote PHY deployment | Cisco Cmts Models



The evolution of the Converged Cable Access Platform… now! 

Cisco’s cBR-8 is the most advanced and robust Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) in the market. It has been engineered to support every option of cable distributed architectures including DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1 as well as Remote PHY. The Cisco cBR8 is capable to deliver 1.6 Tbps in its 13 rack units formatsupporting up to 256 service groups with the Remote PHY architecture deployed. 

Digicomm International has the expertise, knowledge and stock capabilities to provide you guidance and support in your DOCSIS and Remote PHY deployment 

cisco feature product

Carrier Class System

Features Benefit
Delivers 99.999% availability Provide system and business continuity
Integrated N+1 RF Switch Supports cost effective and efficient N+1
Cisco IOS XE Software subsystem process restart and independent patching ability Software components with flaws can be fixed by installing a newer, patched version and restarting a process without impacting other components
Industry-leading software quality and resiliency Process restartability helps enable zero packet loss failure recovery in many cases. Software modularity allows for fault containment and memory protection
Industry-leading routing capabilities Highly intelligent edge routing platform provides full routing functionality including full IPv6 routing feature set, MPLS, etc

Unprecented and Scalable Capacity and Throughput

Features Benefit
13 RU and 10-slot chassis (8 subscriber side slots, 2 supervisor slots) Industry’s most compact and densest CCAP
64 service groups (56 SG with N+1) for ICCAP applications 8DS ports X 16 US ports make sure that service group capacity is preserved regardless of 1:1 or 1:2 DS:US SG ratio
Up to 256 service groups with Remote PHY Unprecedented SG scalability with Remote PHY
1+ terabit backplane A fully integrated and scalable platform easily allows higher bandwidth new services deployment
DS capacity 768 unique D3.0 QAM per line card (6144 per chassis) + 2 orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) blocks (192 MHz each) per port (16 per line card)  Almost 4 Gbps per DS port
US capacity 96 US channels per line card (768 per chassis) + 2 OFDMA blocks (96 MHz each) per port (32 per line card)
Up to 200Gbps forwarding Performance with service intelligence
High-performance control plane Multicore 64-bit architecture with 48 GB of memory (expandable to 96 GB)
A platform designed to evolve with your network Modular design allows for easy upgradability to fully deployable D3.1,   Modularity supports easy transition to Remote PHY architectures with minimal investments, Midplane design supports analog and digital fiber connectivity options, Flexible platform architecture allows for implementing other access technologies (e.g., DOCSIS Provisioning of Ethernet Passive Optical Network [DPoE])
Pay-as-you-grow Cisco Smart Licensing model Add capacity by simply activating more software licenses. Also, Cisco Smart Licensing allows for simpler licensing operations for operational ease of use

SDN and Automation Ready

Features Benefit
SDN Orchestration Seamlessly manage your network with Cisco SDN orchestration solutions
SDN operational simplicity Provision and manage various network components via standards-based SDN programmatic interfaces
SDN application suite Allow value added applications via SDN
Virtual cBR Support Hub consolidation and software based CCAP solutions for the data center