Coaxial Hardline and Drop Connectors

Digicomm International stocks a full range of quality hardline connectors in two and three piece designs. We supply trunk and distribution connectors in a variety of sizes to fit any size cable as well as various types of adapters for all your HFC design requirements. 

Based on our long and strong relationship with PPC (a Belden brand) we can provide any coaxial connector to satisfy your specific need. We carry a large stock of PPC and Corning Gilbert style connectors, so we can minimize your lead times.

Please refer to the cross reference file to match PPC and Corning Gilbert part numbers 


Hardline Connectors

PPC hardline connectors are renowned for their quality, performance, reliability, and ease of installation. They are designed to handle the challenges of today’s digital cable networks including: high speed data, telephony, and performance beyond 1 GHz. PPC’s hardline connectors are designed for all major CATV cable manufacturers. 

PPC’s connectors also boast an unusual feature which is a key advantage for our customers: reusability. During routine, as well as most emergency maintenance, our connectors can be reused without damage. 

PPC Hardline Connectors

PPC Key to Cable Designations

P1 CommScope Parameter I
P2 CommScope Parameter II
P3 CommScope Parameter III
QR CommScope Quantum Reach
FD3 General Cable Fused Disc
FDM3 General Cable Metric Fused Disc M III
MC2 Trilogy Communications MC2
L2 Times Fiber Communications (TFC)
Lumifoam II (Series 3000)
L3 TFC Lumifoam III & T-4 (Series 4000)
T10 TFC T10
G1 CCS Hatfi eld GID-1 Scientific Atlanta (Systems) GID-1
G3 CCS Hatfi eld GID III Scientific Atlanta (Systems) GID-3
GX Cerro
GXX Cerro
C4 Capscan
CX Scientifi c Atlanta Cable-Flex
SLM Systems Anaconda Sealmetic
EX Essex
R1 Rome Cable
ST Dynaplus (Dynafoam, Cerrofoam, Cell-O-Air) 

PPC Hardline Connector Mechanical Specifications

Mechanial Specifications: Nominal Connector Holding Power
Cable Size Center Conductor Force (lbs) Out Conductor Force (lbs) Combined Force (lbs)
.412-.440 100 lbs (45.35 kg) 250 lbs (113.40 kg) 400lbs (181.44kg)
.500-.540 150 lbs (68.03 kg) 350 lbs (158.76 kg) 500 lbs (226.80 kg)
.565 175 lbs (79.37 kg) 400 lbs (181.44 kg) 575 lbs (260.81 kg)
.625 200 lbs (90.71 kg) 400 lbs (181.44 kg) 600 lbs (272.16 kg)
.700 225 lbs (102.61 kg) 425 lbs (192.78 kg) 650 lbs (294.83 kg)
.715 225 lbs (102.61 kg) 425 lbs (192.78 kg) 650 lbs (294.83 kg)
.750 250 lbs (113.40 kg) 450 lbs (204.12 kg) 700 lbs (317.51 kg)
.840 275 lbs (124.74 kg) 475 lbs (217.72 kg) 750 lbs (340.19 kg)
.860 315 lbs (136.08 kg) 480 lbs (226.80 kg) 795 lbs (360.60 kg)
.875 300 lbs (136.08 kg) 500 lbs (226.80 kg) 800 lbs (362.87 kg)
1.000-1.125 350 lbs (158.76 kg) 600 lbs (272.16 kg) 950 lbs (430.91 kg)
1.160 375 lbs (170.10 kg) 650 lbs (294.84 kg) 1025 lbs (464.93 kg)

Drop Connectors

EX Universal Compression Connectors - Series 59, 6, Plenum and Headend Cable

Installers are faced with the problem of identifying old unmarked 60% through Quad Shield Series 6 cable, and having to guess which connector is the best match.

This results in unnecessary service calls due to the use of the wrong connector/cable match. The unique patented design of the EX® body achieves true universality on 60% through Quad Shield for PE, and PVC jackets. 

PPC EX Universal Drop Connectors

Every day installers are faced with identifying old unmarked cable and having to guess which connector is correct. The wrong connector choice degrades the plant, leading to noise and moisture ingress that ultimately results in a service call. The PPC EX® Universal Drop Connector takes the guesswork out of matching connector to cable—and reduces service calls.