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HFC Amplifiers

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Digicomm International is your trusted source for cutting-edge Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) amplifier solutions. We are dedicated to delivering excellence by partnering with industry leaders like AOI, CommScope, and ATX. Explore our comprehensive range of HFC amplifiers and elevate your network infrastructure to new heights of performance, reliability, and future readiness.

Dating back to 1997, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI) has been designing and manufacturing cable industry products, starting with Cisco Systems and subsequently representing the GainMaker amplifier products. Having shipped over 1.5 million amplifiers worldwide, AOI is a trusted partner for high-performance HFC solutions.

Explore our extensive range of amplifiers from CommScope, featuring the STARLINE and Flex Max RF line extenders. CommScope's portfolio boasts the world's most widely deployed RF amplifier solutions. These amplifiers seamlessly integrate with legacy HFC architectures and equipment, delivering next-generation functionality.

The GigaXtend HFC amplifier portfolio from ATX is a family of 1.2 GHz Line Extenders (LE) and System Amplifiers (SA). Built on Cisco's trusted technology foundation, the GigaXtend family is known for its performance and reliability. ATX ensures a seamless transition for existing GainMaker customers, making it easy to extend your current investments.

Amplifier Accessories

Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Forward Cable Equalizer

Forward cable equalizers are used during station balancing to compensate the tilt produced by coaxial cable in order to achieve the desired flatness.

DATA SHEET: Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Forward Cable Equalizer

Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Inverse Equalizer

Simulates cable equivalent tilts (creates tilt opposite that of equalizers). Use in place of forward input EQ as needed to maintain proper output tilt in short spaced locations.

DATA SHEET: Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Inverse Equalizer

Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Forward Linear Equalizer

Forward Linear Equalizers produce linear tilt. A Linear Equalizer will need to be used in the plug-in input or interstage equalizer location if a node output tilt does not have the desired station output tilt. The EQ “value” is the amount of tilt from lowest to highest frequency (52-1218 MHz).

Usage: GainMaker System Amplifier, Line Extender, and Node

DATA SHEET: Gainmaker® 1.2 GHz Forward Linear Equalizer

204 Mhz Reverse Equalizers

Digicomm offers a complete line of 204 MHZ Reverse Equalizers from 1 dB through 20 dB in 1 dB increments. The reverse equalizers are designed to produce a tilted frequency response opposite of what is produced by the coaxial cable.

DATA SHEET: 204 Mhz Reverse Equalizers

1.2 GHz Attenuator Pads

Digicomm offers a complete line of 1.2 GHz Attenuator Pads from 0 dB to 20.5 dB in 0.5 dB increments and 21 dB to 25 dB in 1 dB increments, as well as a 75 ohm terminator. Pads are used to attenuate excess signal and to produce flat loss across forward and reverse frequency spectrums. Pads are used during station balancing to adjust amplifier signal level as needed. The dB loss produced is equal to the value printed on the pad.

+/- 0.3 dB (0 dB - 14.5 dB)
+/- 0.5 dB (15 dB - 25 dB)

DATA SHEET: 1.2 GHz Attenuator Pads

1.2 GHz Signal Directors

Digicomm offers a complete line of 1.2 GHz Signal Directors. Signal Directors are used in High Gain Dual and Low Gain Dual system amplifiers only. An amplifier requires one signal director to route and/or split the forward RF signal to the Auxiliary output port(s). The signal director is available as a jumper, splitter, and directional coupler.

1.2 GHz Signal Directors

GigaXtend GMC Amplifier Accessories


The ATX GigaXtend™ GMC Series amplifier accessories are plug-in devices common to all Cisco or ATX GainMaker System Amplifiers and Line Extenders. They are typically field-installed in accordance with system design.

Mid-Split and High-Split Amplifier Upgrade Kits

85/102 Split Kit for Gainmaker Amplifiers & GS7000 Nodes

With the explosive demand for return path bandwidth, cable operators can increase capacity by upgrading their returns from 5-42 MHz to 5-85 MHz. Digicomm’s family of 85/102 Split Kits are designed to enable the upgrade of GainMaker Line Extender, GainMaker System Amplifiers and the GS7000 Node to 5-85 MHz.

Each Split Kit contains everything needed to upgrade a single amplifier or node.