HFC Optical Node Solutions


HFC Nodes and Remote PHY

Transition from Analog to Digital 

Let Digicomm help you digitize your access HFC Network and easily scale your subscriber services with Cisco and CommScope nodes and compatible Remote PHY devices. Digicomm engineers are experts on Cisco and CommScope Nodes, Optical Hubs and Remote PHY and we maintain a complete inventory of Nodes, O-Hubs, Remote PHY devices (RPDs) and all applicable modules and accessories, allowing our customers to respond quickly and accurately to their business needs. Learn more about our engineering services.


Cisco has been the predominant leader on cable access and DOCSIS technologies, including analog and digital optics, CMTS and CCAP solutions. Upgradeable with built in intelligence and simplified migration tools, the Cisco GS7000 Nodes deliver the insight and control to meet your networking needs.

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CommScope 1.2 GHz NC-series and OM-series optical nodes support full DOCSIS® 3.1 capability and facilitate the upstream expansion to 204 MHz. Optimized for today's fiber deep and segmented HFC networks, they also support migration to and deployment of DAA and PON advanced network architectures.

Node Service Cables

Node Service Cables

Cable Assemblies link optical transport cable to optical processing equipment. This connection is critical and requires an environmental seal between the cable and the node feed-thru. Our node cables utilize a unique IP68 rated stainless steel feed-thru adapter, featuring an anti-twist coupling body and an optional anti-rotating nut. Our standard node assemblies use either a dielectric outside plant (OSP) cable or an armored OSP cable. Their multiple O-rings ensure a fully sealed cable and node. 

Digicomm stocks Node Service (entry) Cables of various lengths, numbers of fibers, and different optical connectors. In the rare occurrence that we do not already have the exact cable that you need, our engineers can work with you to design and build a custom Node Service Cable to meet your needs.  

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Digicomm’s family of Digital Return Transceivers are designed to support the digital return transport from legacy optical nodes, and are fully compatible with the DT/VT4250N‐xx and OM4DT7030/DT7230N Digital Return Transmitters.   

Digicomm’s Digital Return Transceivers are compliant with the Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) MSA, and support digital transport requirements of 2.5 and 4.25Gbps. Digicomm’s Digital Return Transceivers can support two 5–100 MHz returns over a single wavelength up to 80 km or 120 km and are available in 43 ITU-compliant (G.694.1) DWDM wavelengths (20-62). 


  • Hot Pluggable SFP Digital Transceiver 
  • DWDM DFB Cooled Laser 
  • Compliant with SFP MSA 
  • 3.3V single power supply with low power dissipation 
  • Duplex LC connectors 
  • Available in ITU Channels 20-62 
  • Extensive Inventory IN-STOCK at our Distribution Center in Englewood, CO 
  • Fast-Track Fulfillment (most orders ship same-day)