Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Digicomm, an industry leader in VMI

Digicomm takes a unique and customer-service-based approach to deliver the best vendor managed inventory (VMI) experience available in the industry.  With our dedicated VMI team, we offer the best overall VMI program available in the communications industry.  

Why VMI?

Digicomm's collaborative replenishment model is the advancement of VMI. We provide an inclusive approach to ensure an efficient inventory management program. We go far beyond traditional VMI and will build a VMI program that will allow your company to have the right products on hand, reduce stockouts, and increase inventory turns. 
The power of uniting our data creates an unmatched ability to plan and react to variations in the ever-changing communications industry. Ultimately leading to more subscribers and the highest quality of service for your customers.

Why Digicomm?

  • Digicomm has over 10 years of VMI experience serving the Broadband Industry
  • Dedicated VMI team using custom, customer-driven KPI’s for each ship to location (highly customizable), to meet all our customer’s needs  
  • We ship to large 3PL business partners, construction projects, and direct to our customer warehouses seamlessly, with various packing and invoicing requirements.   
  • Same day shipping for urgent demand