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Introducing Cisco Routed PON, a revolutionary solution that integrates a PON pluggable inside the access router to seamlessly converge FTTX access with your end-to-end network. Enhance the economics of FTTX deployment across rural, suburban, and urban areas, delivering high-speed, reliable internet to both residential and business customers.

Learn how Cisco Routed PON enables agile, differentiated broadband services with operational efficiency and at scale.

Cisco Routed PON Components

Cisco Routed PON OLT Pluggable

Cisco XGS-PON OLT SFP+ module

The Cisco XGS-PON (10Gbps symmetrical PON) OLT SFP+ module is a feature-rich OLT device contained in a hot-pluggable SFP+ form factor. It contains a built-in 10G Ethernet-to-XGS-PON OLT MAC Bridge IC and optical transceiver. It offers a maximum split ratio of 1:128. This is an ODN Class N2 transceiver.

Cisco XGS-PON OLT SFP+ module

Converge your IP and optical networks onto a single layer with the XGS-PON small form-factor pluggable (SFP).

Cisco® 10G Routed PON modules enable the Cisco Routed PON Solution. Cisco 10G Routed PON simplifies the network with pluggable form factor Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) and a software controller on Cisco NCS 540, NCS5500, and NCS 5700 that converges ethernet and PON services. The Cisco Routed PON Solution replaces dedicated PON chassis with a multiservice router, increasing flexibility and reducing network footprint and power consumption.



Converged Architecture

Simplify your network with pluggable form factor OLTs and Cisco NCS540/5500/5700 to achieve a simplified network for converged transport using mature and rich set of features with Segment Routing /SRv6

Ease of Deployment

PON OLT plugs into universal ethernet ports with SFP+ sockets 

Power and Operational cost

Replacing dedicated OLT chassis reduces the footprint and hence the power consumption

Open Standard

Compatible with most ONTs/ONUs available from 3rd party vendors. Supports open ecosystem for development and support for APIs at multiple levels with standard NETCONF/YANG models 

MEF compliant

MEF 3.0 compliant for providing service performance, assurance and agility

Solution modularity and investment protection

Port-by-port upgrades for PON requirements with ease of network upgrade


Host PON controller on Cisco IOS-XR for management applications 

Enhanced Subscriber Management

Deliver complete subscriber services with Cisco Cloud Native BNG


Class B/C timing support 

Platform security

Fully secured platforms with built in management and control plane protection using Cisco IOS-XR and hardware security with Trust anchor module

L2 and L3 Business services

Provide business services along with residential services using a full feature set of L3VPN, EVPN and Multicast 

DATA SHEET: Cisco 10G Routed PON Modules

Cisco Routed PON Manager User Guide

Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 540 Series

Built for Mobile Backhaul, Remote PHY, Carrier Ethernet, and Private WAN MPLS

A converged access platform designed to deliver services and applications with cost-effectiveness in mind. The NCS 540 is temperature hardened, and its low power consumption and small form factor makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Fronthaul Routers Data Sheet

Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Large Density Router Data Sheet

Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Medium Density Routers Data Sheet

Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Small Density Routers Data Sheet

Cisco Routed PON Manager

Manage OLTs and a wide range of interoperable ONTs at scale from a centralized software platform with open APIs—all supported by an agent in a container on the IOS XR router.

The Cisco Routed PON Manager is the management solution for PON Networks. The Routed PON architecture is shown in Figure 1 and consists of the Routed PON Manager graphical user interface, Routed PON Netconf Server, and Routed PON Controller. Together these components provide a complete network management solution for provisioning and monitoring Cisco Routed PON OLT devices, as well as the subtended ONUs compliant with the XGS-PON and 10G-EPON standards.

Routed PON Manager

The Routed PON Manager is a single-page web application (Web App) and an accompanying REST API that provides a graphical user interface for managing the PON Network. The Web App is built on the Angular web application framework, which provides an HTML and JavaScript © 2024 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 14 front-end user interface. The REST API accompanies the Web App for the purposes of providing access to MongoDB for managing Routed PON Manager users and the PON Network.

The Routed PON Manager has the following features:

  • Alarm management
  • Dashboard view with a summary of PON network conditions
  • Device monitoring and statistics
  • Device provisioning and management
  • Service configuration, including VLANs, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), 802.1X Authentication, DHCP Relay, and PPPoE
  • Logging for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Polyglot graphical OMCI (and future 10G EPON OAM) service configuration tool
  • Routed PON Controller database management
  • Routed PON Manager user management.

View the Full Cisco Routed PON Manager User Guide