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Tarana Wireless

Technical Training

Next-Generation Fixed Wireless Access

Knowledge is the foundation of success. While G1 offers an unprecedented level of network intelligence and unrivaled connectivity performance, being prepared and knowledgeable about what G1 can do will take you to the next level of expertise and success. Digicomm International offers technical training to get you familiar with Tarana equipment and ready to install and manage a next-generation FWA network quickly and easily.

Tarana Wireless

Training & Certificate Program

Tarana technical training prepares installers, administrators, and NOC team members to deploy and manage a Tarana G1 network. Digicomm International offers two days of in person training provided by our Tarana Authorized Training Associate. This training includes hands-on labs and access to online accreditation exams. An online version without access to the accreditation exams is also available from the Tarana training portal. Spanish bilingual training is available upon request.

Available Courses

G1 Installation Course
• Mounting hardware
• Wiring and PoE (cabling and interconnect)
• Pre-provisioning and intro to Web UI
• Mounting
• Antenna alignment
• Initial configuration
• Link alignment (over the air)
• LED behaviors

G1 Administration Course
• Navigating TCS
• Using the Dashboard and Map
• Managing individual devices
• Understanding Performance Metrics
• Managing Alarms and Events
• TCS Management
• Network configuration
• User management
• Software upgrades
• Alarm and Event reporting
• Troubleshooting

Students completing these in-person courses are eligible to take the online exam to earn the Tarana G1 Technical Accreditation certificate.

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