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Positron's GAM Solutions empower Cable Operators and MSOs to provide Gigabit Internet services cost-effectively by leveraging G.hn technology. Trusted by major operators worldwide, Positron enables seamless scalability and deployment across various sectors, from MDUs to SFUs and beyond. By maximizing existing infrastructure investments and delivering reliable, high-speed connectivity, Positron is revolutionizing the landscape of telecommunications for operators worldwide.

Gigabit Internet Solutions for Cable Operators & MSOs

Digicomm International proudly supplies Positron's portfolio of GAM solutions.

Who is Positron's GAM Perfect for?

G.hn is a great tool for both Cable Operators and Multiple-System Operators (MSOs), enabling them to deliver higher-quality internet service to more customers at a lower cost.

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Townhouse & Garden Homes

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Single Family Homes

Multi-Dwelling Units

Unlock lightning-fast and reliable Gigabit internet speeds for customers in MDUs with Positron's GAM Solution, proudly supplied by Digicomm. By harnessing existing telephone and coaxial wiring infrastructure, Cable Operators and MSOs elevate service levels without requiring any building retrofitting. This approach enables operators to expand market reach and achieve impressive ROI with minimal capital investment, positioning them for sustained success in the competitive telecommunications landscape.

Townhouse & Garden Homes

Positron's Outdoor GAM Solution revolutionizes connectivity for apartment and condominium dwellings nationwide, much like with MDUs. Engineered with rugged IP67 enclosure, this solution ensures durability and reliability in outdoor environments. By leveraging existing wiring infrastructure and offering reverse power capability from tenant CPEs, Cable Operators and MSOs can deliver the Gigabit internet experience residents deserve while saving time and costs. With stable, high-speed access, the solution minimizes support calls and boosts customer retention, fostering long-term success for operators.


Tailored for hospitality settings, including the innovative G2002, these solutions enable hotels and conference centers to provide seamless, high-speed internet access in every room. Leveraging Power Over Ethernet (PoE) WiFi customer-premises equipment (CPE), GAMs can be discreetly installed in guest closets, ensuring uninterrupted service levels while preventing accidental disconnection. With Positron, Cable Operators and MSOs can effortlessly enhance guest experiences while maintaining operational efficiency.

Single Family Homes

Addressing challenges in the "last mile," Positron's GAM Solution empowers Cable Operators and MSOs to bridge the gap with customers, providing high-speed internet access cost-effectively and with minimal disruption. Ideal for rural or suburban areas, operators utilize existing G.hn infrastructure along country roads to extend connectivity to the final, crucial 1000 feet. This ensures that both Cable Operators, MSOs, and their SFU clients receive the service they deserve, delivering exceptional value and enhancing customer satisfaction.

What can Positron's GAM do for you?

 Leverage Existing In-Building Wiring

 Re-use the Existing Residential Gateway (RG)

 Extensive Management & Troubleshooting Features and Capabilities

 No Renovation Necessary

 Non-blocking Ethernet ASIC Ofers Symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing coaxial or telephone wiring

 All you need is Gigabit Access to MDU / MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Access

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